TiddlyWiki 2.1.3更新

By Jiang | 11月 7, 2006

Revision 2.1.3

Released 3rd November 2006

  • Added a warning when attempting to close TiddlyWiki with tiddlers being edited
  • Added a warning message for ImportTiddlers? when in read-only mode
  • Recognize skype:, outlook: and others as external link URLs (ticket #177)
  • Support for unwikified PlainText? formatting
  • Removed unused code in config.macros.tagChooser.onTagClick (ticket #154)
  • Fix for newJournal always uses same time per session (ticket #213)
  • Fixed story.refreshAllTiddlers() fails with error if there are no tiddlers (ticket #200)
  • Extended ListView? to allow for command buttons as well as a command dropdown
  • Fixed DOM creation ordering in > macro (ticket #218)
  • Fix for parseParams being unable to handle empty string arguments (ticket #108)
  • Fixed bug in Tiddler.getLinks() (ticket #216)
  • Fixed problem with underscores in WikiWords?? not being supported (ticket #190)
  • Fixed problem with days/months etc that include date formatting strings (ticket #199)
  • Escaped references to
  • Added “\b” support to unescapeLineBreaks() (ticket #195)

Revision 2.1.2

Released 5th October 2006

  • Minor big fixes for 2.1.1

Revision 2.1.1

Released 5th October 2006

  • Changed the special tag used in ImportTiddlers? from “feed” to “contentPublisher”
  • Repaired links to TiddlySaver?.jar and the pre-built .java.policy file
  • Fixed problem with em-dashes
  • Temporary fix for problem of underscores not being recognised within Wiki words
  • Restored correct ordering for ‘open all’ in the tag menu
  • Added custom separator to the TaggingMacro? and TagsMacro?
  • Fixed problem with appearance of horizontal rules in popup menus under InternetExplorer?
  • Fixed problem with saving under Minimo on the Nokia 770
  • Extended the use of txtOptionInput and chkOptionInput CSS tags

链接: http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/tiddlywiki/wiki/History

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