The Resources Center For Parents and Teachers

By Jiang | 7月 8, 2007

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Today, I will introduce a website to parents and teachers of elementary age children. It’s named The Resources Center and provides parents and teachers with informative articles for live, education and business etc.

If you have a child at elementary age, maybe he wants a tour or picnic with parents at this summer vacation. Are you still busy at your job and have no time to think about it? Now you can open your computer and visit the website, then choose one from many solutions provided by the resources center.

Homepage of Resources Center is simple and clear, you can find useful information easily. The website is provide the solution source with resources, references, tools, tips and news for career, business, travel, shopping, life and health, personal finance, parenting and successful relationships. So you can pick up useful thing everyday for your children very day.

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  1. 宁静致远 - 07/8/2007 at 6:57 下午 #

    WOW…It is worth to look through it.

  2. Jiang - 07/8/2007 at 11:02 下午 #

    这个网站采用的 Jooma 架设的,呵呵~


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