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By Jiang | 10月 31, 2007

All in anchor

This is a paid review (本文为付费评论).

More and more friends come to my weblog for information about how to make money online recently. I used to share some good and useful websites about making money with net-friends on my blog. Today I tell you another featured website, Allinanchor.

Allinanchor is a blog talk about internet marketing, a bigger topic than making money. Some friends maybe have no idea about this domain name. For example, this is a hyperlink <a href=””>Make Money Online with Jiang</a>, Make Money Online with Jiang is the anchor text. Anchor text is a very important thing for seo (Search engine optimization). If you know this, this website domain is easy for you to remember.

But Allinanchor care about not only search engine optimization, but Internet marketing news, tips and resources. Blog Marketing, Brand Management, Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Site Design, Traffic Building, and all posts are filed under these categories. These days I took a look at some articles on this blog, I find that these posts that provide quality information are not too technical. Even you are not good at Internet marketing, you still can read and understand these posts easily. This weblog is powered by WordPress and have a perfect web design, so I think it can give extra help if you are also using WordPress.

If you want to get any advice on internet marketing or seo or blog design or traffic building, just visit Allinanchor.

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