A Review of Do-It-Yourself Mobile Marketing Product

By Jiang | 2月 28, 2009

Nowadays most of us have got a cell phone. Besides making a phone call, we use it send messages to our friends. But it is inconvenient because the buttons and screen are too small. Our eyes will feel tired and dry after a period of time especially when you are on the bus or in bed. Have you thought of another way to take care of your eyes?

Now I introduce you 84444.com, one of the famous mobile advertising providers in the United States, which can offer you interactive and broadcast text message advertising campaigns though the internet. When you want to send messages and advertisements to many clients, you needn’t send them again and again through a name list which you have edited before on your cell phone.

With the help of mobile marking services here, you can edit your ads message, client list, keyword and short code with your computer and put them into a big database online. Database marketing is really efficient and can be regarded as an information center. After you accomplish the above information, just submit them to the mobile marketing company. Then 84444.com will do the rest of things for you.

It has a sophisticated mode of operation and years of experience in this industry. If you have made a decision to market your products though the SMS platform, I think it can be trusted as a good mobile marketing provider.

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  1. 皇冠投注网 - 03/2/2009 at 9:36 下午 #

    英文 不懂

  2. WebAboutMoney - 03/7/2009 at 10:23 下午 #

    难得,真是难得!都大半年没在总统博客看到话题了,呵呵 貌似在总统已经回来了!嘿

  3. 瑜伽馆 - 03/25/2009 at 5:19 下午 #


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