By Jiang | 10月 9, 2009



By Jiang | 9月 8, 2009

invest your money by purchase gold coins

Many people invest their money in the form of things, such as house, building, stock, fund, car, gold and many other things. They have many reasons why they like to invest their money into them. From the items that mentioned above, gold becomes the most important item they use to invest their money. Why do they prefer investing into gold? At one hand, most of people love gold just like hungry people love bread. At the other hand, people can show their wealth with their gold. And the most important is there are now many gold companies which sell gold to us. They offer great and luxurious gold. You can purchase gold through those gold companies.

By Jiang | 5月 31, 2009

29号 WordPress 新主机上线,多个主机自主转换

许多网友期待的新主机,29号 WordPress 主机空间探针)前天下午已经正式上线了。这不仅是一个全新的主机,同时从这个主机开始,我们将给大家提供更多的主机方案。

By Jiang | 5月 18, 2009


我们在5月底购置的20号独立服务器,本意为大家提供更为快捷稳定的主机服务,但由于稳定性不足,现在计划停止该独立服务器。所有网友的帐户目前已经转移到新购置的专业主机,新的主机信息都已经通过 email 发送,请各位及时查看。

By Jiang | 5月 17, 2009

A Review of Direct TV Service

Nowadays online web TV becomes more and more popular especially for the youngsters because you will enjoy more channels and timely programs than cable TV. Maybe you are not familiar with it. Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter. Let me introduce you Direct TV, one of the famous web TV portals in the United States, which can offer you more channels and programs with less money.


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